Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Intelligent system for manufacturing business optimization.

Market offers a great variety of complicated and extremely expensive systems that often do not meet your requirements. We bring you a simple tailored solution to help you manage all aspects of your manufacturing business more efficiently.

If your goal is to support production processes as effectively as possible, Adbee MES is the ideal solution for you. MES is directly connected to the business production. Easy-to-use solution helps you to plan and manage the production very easily, with only a few clicks. Step-by-step from order, through the production plan (containing degree of completion), to invoicing and shipping.

Modern design and intuitive administration bring users nothing but pleasure and joy in work.

Thanks to the scalability, Adbee MES is suitable for business of any size and focus. Does not matter whether you produce furniture or electronics. Adbee MES has fully responsive design for desktop, tablet and smartphone to meet all up-to-date demands.

If you want to connect the key parts of your business - sales, production and finance, you are in the right place.



Customization and scalability

Adbee MES is modular and can be customized according to your needs and preferences. In result, the system will adapt to you and not vice versa. Offers maximum flexibility without compromise.

Integration with other systems

Adbee MES can be one-way or two-way integrated with ERP systems, e-commerce solutions or other business tools through a secured API. Business intelligence integration (e.g. with PowerBI) possible.

Process optimization

Our solution makes operative processes simple, smooth and automatized. The system works for you – less effort, more control.


Advanced security tools like two-factor authentication ensure perfect security of all your data.

New generation solution

No more complicated installations! All you need is internet connection. Adbee WMS is available at anytime and from any device.

Up-to-date and transparent information

Real-time overview of every products in stock thanks to reliable warehouse inventory.

Satisfied customers

Deliver your products faster and in high quality. Simplify operations and speed up your work thanks to automatizaton.

Cost reduction

Our solution allows you to make effective decisions regarding production and capacity planning. Moreover, reduces errors and delays.



Sales management

Easily create and download PDF documents of all kinds – price offers, orders, standard and pro-forma invoices or pricing rules of B2B segment.


Package delivery management and courier services connection.

Customer registration

Complex customer/client information management. Divide them into segments, assign their ratings and track their creditworthiness.

Product warranty tracking

Product warranty registration with the possibility of warranty extension.

Production timeline

Real-time tracking of the production cycle thanks to easy-to-understand timeline tailored to the product category.

Production management

Covering your production in all aspects - from contract through real-time tracking of the production cycle, quality control, packaging, product dispatch to warranty and post-warranty service..

Product management

Complete management of product information, properties and parameters (including document management). Automated connection to production and warehouse inventory.

Human resources

Simple attendance management including holidays and sick days. Easy-to-understand employee performance and errors tracking. Advanced user access administration with various levels of data access..


Improve your business decisions thanks to statistics of essential data - such as sales statistics, business team performance, customers creditworthiness and many more. Real-time and in-depth overview of employee error rates and types of manufacturing errors.


Easy inventory tracking of products for rent and following sale.


If you want to support growth of your business and switch to Adbee Manufactoring Execution System (MES) that can do just that, we’d love to be a part of it. For more information about how Adbee MES can help you grow, let's talk.

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