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Enterprise e-commerce solution for the current era.

Rethinking e-commerce

Creating a high-performing e-commerce solution today requires a new kind of thinking.

The essential premises are

  • E-shops are no longer a substitution or even a competition for retail. Both channels can support and strengthen each other.
  • We read reviews and research product info long before buying.
  • Visual and video content are increasingly important.

Furthermore, there's the customer experience

  • Great e-shops offer variety of products, good search and filters, competitive prices and fast delivery.
  • Great e-shop offers natural and intuitive shopping experience without the friction of unnecessary barriers.
  • Great e-shop is a place where you can equally comfortably make a research beforehand and then shop when the time is right - because it serves both purposes equally well.

So - to really rethink e-commerce, you need 2 things:

Recognize these driving principles.
Deeply understand the consequences of rapidly evolving Internet and the impact it has on our lives.

And this is precisely the foundation upon which the Adbee Shop has been built.

The origin & the proof

When building first e-shops for our clients, we initially just thought to use existing e-commerce solutions. However, we discovered that they were all built for an era where the Internet is slow, choices are few and mobile devices are rare. Simply put: they were for an era that was, not the one that is.

So we set out to create our own e-commerce solution. One that would reflect the current situation and make full use of existing possibilities to bring e-commerce to a whole new level.

We knew that the ultimate proof and satisfaction would be to see it work. And it does.

Today, Adbee Shop is the preferred solution of major brands in the Czech and Slovak market with global ambitions, helping them grow and prosper.

See below what it can do for you.


Adbee Shop benefits

Natural and intuitive customer experience

Build around real needs and behavior of current Internet users.

Elimination of barriers

To make shopping smooth and natural part of everyday experience.

Extensive options for up-sell and cross-sell of your customers

Maximize the profitability of your e-shop.

Leading customers to successful completion of their shopping process

Streamlined flow from product search to fast and easy checkout.

Comfortable e-shop management

So that you can spend more time working on your business instead of in it.



Complete product management

Everything you need - product comparison, up-sell, cross-sell, wishlists, quick product view, electronic products download, advanced filters, last viewed and more.

Seamless shopping process

Remembering shopping cart contents, automatic e-mail after leaving the shopping cart, gift vouchers, one-click payment checkout, email and text notifications, shipping confirmation with tracking number, geolocation and support of international shopping, multi-currency payments and much more.

E-shop management

Integration with CRM and ERP systems, synchronization with accounting and stock supply systems, multi-lingual support, automatic package shipping via integration with delivery companies, PCI DSS standard for maximum security, quick export of customer data for use in CRM and newsletters.

Marketing & SEO tools

Loyalty programs, customer segmentation, management of advertising, surveys, product reviews and further tools increasing performance and results.

Enterprise solution

Equipped to deal with massive traffic and large volume of orders.

Solid 24/7 customer support

Prepared to help you solve any emergency.



See the full potential of what Adbee shop can do for you:

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If you want to support growth of your business and switch to CMS that can do just that, we’d love to be a part of it. For more information about how Adbee shop can help you grow, let's talk.

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