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CMS built for growth and results

With so many existing CMS solutions, was there really a need for us to create another one? Just like with our e-commerce solution Adbee shop and ERP System Miranda, we boiled this question down to the first principles to see if we can do it better.

Backbone of our approach

  • CMS should take up the least amount of customer’s time, actively eliminate barriers and streamline administration.
  • CMS should actively support business growth and use all existing possibilities to do so. Content management is just one part of a broader function.
  • It should reflect requirements of the current era and offer full functionality on mobile devices.

With this in mind we created Adbee CMS as the reflection of new thinking about managing websites – and business.

Today, there are hundreds of websites relying on Adbee CMS for its operation – from multinational corporations and online magazines to portals storing sensitive customer data.

To us, this is both a proof and a commitment to keep developing Adbee CMS further and always add value. See below how you can benefit from it.


How Adbee CMS can grow your business

Cutting-edge UX design for smooth and intuitive navigation

Spend minimum time on the administration and maximum time on things that matter.

Modular system that scales with your business

Modular system that scales with your business

Business-development tools at your fingertips

Business-development tools at your fingertips

Built for modern web

From fast loading times and maximum security to full responsiveness – Adbee CMS makes running a website easier and more productive.

Fast adoption

Built for swift & natural use, which means shorter learning curve for your employees and more productivity.


Key features of Adbee CMS

Fully prepared for modern responsive pages with rich multimedia content

Manage content, create and edit image and video galleries and audio content, edit photos directly in Adbee CMS. All multimedia is optimized for fast loading times.


Websites running on Adbee CMS achieve highest ranking in loading times and fulfill current recommendations of Google Webmaster Tools.


Adbee CMS employs latest security algorithms for maximum protections agains attacks and fraud.

Extensive marketing tools

Create landing pages for your content or inbound marketing strategy, manage SEO, integrate social media and newsletters, track your analytics, create customer surveys – everything in one place, minimizing distractions and maximizing productivity.

Innovative and user-friendly

We’re on version 6.0 already. With Adbee CMS you get to use the fruit of our constant innovation, pushing to make this the best CMS you ever used – and will use.


There’s much more that Adbee CMS can do for you – click here to see the full potential.

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If you want to support growth of your business and switch to CMS that can do just that, we’d love to be a part of it. For more information about how Adbee shop can help you grow, let's talk.

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