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Modern slavery is a very real phenomenon. Young people sometimes travel abroad with the desire to earn some money and get caught in a trap. With their documents taken away, they are forced to work in terrible conditions without being paid. A client approached us with an idea for protection of young people against modern slavery.


To create a tool that will notify relatives of expatriates if they don’t communicate for certain time.


We have created a mobile-first web portal with two possible user roles: The Protected Person who travels abroad for work and the Guardian Angels – all those whom the Protected Person invites to the service. It takes one click (Facebook or Google+ login) to register as a Protected Person. Adding Guardian Angels is simply a matter of entering their email and they can start receiving information whether their Protected Person is safe.

The service itself runs a small social network and immediately starts collecting the tracks – evidence which the Protected Person leaves behind in the digital space. Tracks automatically register public posts on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with further info on the Protected Person available on their profile page.

For the maximum impact and security, we have also included the possibility to leave tracks through a telephone call on a special number (without needing telephone credit) and a special e-mail which can be inserted in a blind copy of regular e-mails.

In addition, the Guardian Angels can directly ask the Protected Person on his timeline whether he is okay. If the Protected Person does not respond within 48 hours, the Guardian Angels will receive the first e-mail notification about possible trouble and the Protected Person will receive a check-in e-mail.

After 72 hours, another notification is dispatched. If Guardian Angel suspects danger, he can activate an Alarm and all the available data on the Protected Person is exported immediately – the contact information plus any info regarding the journey abroad together with all activities from the timeline – everything that will help to locate the Protected Person and lead them back to safety. 

We are honored to have been able to participate in such a noble project and to create a system that will take the Protected Person to a safe place – to his Guardian Angels.

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