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In the 1930’s, Nehera was a flourishing pioneer clothing brand from Czechoslovakia. After a long hiatus, the NEHERA brand was restored in 2014, during a Paris Fashion Week. Present-day NEHERA combines innovative forms with timeless craft, great attention to detail and high quality materials.

The minimalistic, high-end fashion models target the demanding male and female customers from all over the world. In addition to stores located in world’s capital cities, the ambition also drove NEHERA to make full use of e-commerce. And so we were issued the challenge:


To create an e-shop for a demanding global clientele.

Successful e-commerce solution has to do a lot to accommodate the needs of clients used to purchasing luxury good on the Internet. Therefore, it wouldn’t be enough to just look like NEHERA. The spirit of the brand and buying preferences of a demanding clientele must be reflected in all the e-shop components, down to the purchasing process.


With this in mind, we have designed the structure and the user interface. This includes usage on smartphones and tablets, so that NEHERA customers can shop from whatever device they please.

The backbone of the e-shop is Adbee Shop – our own comprehensive system for creation and administration of successful enterprise e-shops. Being a brand striving for perfection, the site was redesigned several times since its inception. However, all the unique functionalities which we brought to the table remain unchanged:

Currency converter
All the European customers see prices in Euros; but an American customer sees them in dollars. Japanese – in yens. For maximum comfort and seamless experience, prices are converted using current exchange rates against the Euro. 

Simplified payments
Even when you pay, you never leave the comforts of the e-shop. Whether you pay with credit card or through PayPal, everything happens directly on the site without being redirected to a payment gateway. Comfortably and safely, just like in the largest foreign stores. 

Speeding up purchases 
Consider the treatment at a bespoke tailor. He knows your name and preferences. Similarly, NEHERA e-shop remembers everything you fill in and does not ask for unnecessary things. 
Case in point: if you do not complete a transaction successfully, you do not have to go through the purchase process once again. You will simply receive an e-mail with a direct link to payment and you can complete the purchase with a single click. 

The e-shop also offers to save the credit card information and the address in the order and you can save several addresses, like you are used to on Amazon. All of this makes your next purchase even smoother. 

Offering more
Use the wishlist to save your picks and size guide to help you choose correctly. During shopping, the up-sell and cross-sell functionalities will offer you the same model in a higher quality version as well as additional products that you might like. 

First-rate service also extends to returning the goods. Just select the method of exchange or return directly on the site and print a label which you will hand over to a courier service together with the goods. The seller will take care of the rest. 

E-shop management
Adbee Shop system provides a comprehensive shop administration. For example, it enables you:

  • To connect the e-shop to the CRM system and company information system.
  • To synchronize the e-shop with accounting and warehouse systems.
  • To send parcels automatically and directly from the e-shop, through connection to carrier companies.
  • To produce customer or order statistics in clear diagrams.

The model
E-shop by Adbee is just like the NEHERA clothing: a unique take on modern elegance. Courageous and inspiring. Pure in its performance.

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